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Why isn't the fabric softener being dispensed?

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  • Washer Dryers, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 08/05/2015

Why isn't the fabric softener being dispensed?



cause Cause


         ■ When hydraulic pressure is extremely low, water may not be supplied into the tub in the expected time. 
            Then, fabric softener may not be dispensed as the water does not reach the reference line.



how to fix How to fix


         ■ If the hydraulic pressure at your house is low, installation of a booster pump is recommended for higher hydraulic pressure.


         Fabric softener with a high viscosity is difficult to dispense. Please dilute it in water.


          Do not leave fabric softener in the drawer more than two days.

            It can solidify and it will be more difficult to dispense the softener.


              a booster pump

                          <A booster pump>

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