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My washing machine is noisy, vibrating and walking across the floor, what could be the problem?

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  • Last Updated 28/05/2015

My washing machine is noisy, vibrating and walking across the floor, what could be the problem?

checkpoint Checkpoint

We would recommend checking your flooring first: 

1) Concrete Floors

i) The installation surface must be clean, dry and level

ii) Install washer on a flat hard floor
2) Tile Floors (Slippery floors)
i) Position each foot onto anti-slip adhesive material and level the machine to suit (Cut the material into 70x70 mm sections and stick the pieces on to the dry tile where machine is to be placed.)
3) Wooden Floors (Suspended floors)
i) Wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration
ii) To prevent vibration we recommend you place rubber cups under each foot, at least 15mm thick under the washer, secured to at least 2 floor beams with screws.
iii) If possible install the washer in one of the corners of the room, where the floor is more stable
*Insert the rubber cups to reduce vibration
* You can obtain the rubber cups (Part No. 4620ER4002B) from our spares company, Connect distribution, on 0844 5570260

 If you are still having problems, then you could also check the following:

1) Check that the transit bolts have been removed.
2) Check the weight of the load against the cycle that is being washed. Your washing machine is designed to support weights for particular cycles.

 If you have checked the above points and find that your LG Washing Machine is still noisy and vibrating, then please contact our Customer Information Centre (UK: 0344 847 5454 or IE: 01 686 9454) for further assistance.

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