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I have water leaking onto my floor from my LG Fridge Freezer, what's gone wrong?

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  • Last Updated 20/08/2014

Does water leak onto your floor?




Water can leak from a wrongly installed purifier hose. 
If the drain heater has failed to function, then this can also lead to water leakage. 
You should also be aware that high humidity levels will accelerate dew forming 

and causes to water to pool and leak.


How to fix


If your Fridge freezer has been installed next to a sink then you should check this first.

It's possible that the leak from a sink can give the illusion its coming from your fridge freezer.


If you find that the leak is coming from the purifier hose then close off the feed valve immediately

and contact our Customer Information Centre.


 If you find that your fridge freezer is leaking but unsure where it could be coming from, it's advised

     to still contact our Customer Information Centre.



※ Always check your water supply facilities and water purifier joints for water leakage first as shown in the images above.




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