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Why is my ice maker not producing ice cubes?

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  • Last Updated 24/05/2016

Why is my ice maker not producing ice cubes?


symptom Symptom

           Ice cubes are not being made.


cause Cause


           Ice cubes are not dispensed when:

            1. a product is newly installed

            2. when the machine is powered off


how to fix How to fix


          1.  When the machine is newly installed: t needs a day to cool foods, and 72 hours to make ice cubes.

            2.  When the machine is powered off: Push the ice maker button for more than three seconds to turn on power (Press the button again to turn off. )


           Note: After dispensing a large amount of ice cubes, it requires time to fill with new ice cubes - this is completely normal



          ▷ More information

          - An automatic ice maker makes seven ice cubes at once and dispenses 150-160 ice cubes a day. This can change depending on the environment.

          (E.g. ambient temperature, number of door opening, cooling load, amount of foods)

          - When the ice storage bin is full (1.5kg), the ice maker will stop dispensing ice cubes.

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