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Things to check when the cooling is weak in the freezer

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  • Last Updated 04/07/2016

 Things to check when the cooling is weak in the freezer

 Quick checks

1. Adjust Temp.

① If the freezer temperature is set at high temperature, food can melt.

② If the refrigerator is set at high temperature, it may cause the freezer to become warm. There is a sensor in the refrigerator that controls the freezer temperature. If you set it high, the freezer temperature also goes up.

2. Check Refrigerator

① If doors are not closed properly, cool air will flow out and warm air will flow in, which may cause weak refrigeration.

② If there are too many items on the shelves or if they block the vent, air will not flow well and food may melt. 

3. Check Food

① If it hasn’t been long since you put the food in the freezer, or if you put very hot food, it increases the temperature inside and may cause the freezer to become warm. Likewise, if you open the door too often in the warm weather, it will increase the inner temperature and food may not be cool.

4. Check surrounding

① If it is exposed to direct sunlight or located near gas stove, refrigeration may be weakened.

②Under bad ventilation conditions, refrigeration may be weakened.

5. Others

① If you don’t turn on the power, it won’t have cool air.

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