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What happens if dishes are kept in my dishwasher after a cycle?

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  • Last Updated 08/05/2015

What happens if dishes are kept in my dishwasher after a cycle?




Function Function

           Leaving washed dishes in the washer for a long time can make the dish washer and dishes cool down.

           This means humid air in the unit can condense on the surface of dishes.

           It is recommended to take out dishes within a hour after washing is complete.

           Leaving the dish washer door open after a cycle can help to reduce water on dishes.



         Humid air in the dishwasher will be released for an hour after a cycle.

         (Cd will be appear on the display)



      What is Cd or Cool Dry?


          - It is a feature that follows washing and drying. A fan runs for an hour to remove humid air and keep dishes fresh and clean.

            Dishes can still be taken out when Cd is displayed.


            door open

                                     Leave the door open








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