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My dishwasher is not turning on, could it be a power issue?

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  • Last Updated 08/05/2015

My dishwasher is not turning on, could it be a power issue?




checkpoint Checkpoint

      ■ Please check the circuit breaker or multi-outlet strip if the power to the dishwasher cannot be turned on.



how to fix How to fix


      1. Please unplug the dishwasher power cord and plug back in after 10-20 seconds.


      2. Check if the machine turns on. If not, check the socket by plugging in other small appliances such as a hair dryer.


      3. If other appliances also do not turn on, check if the circuit breaker is tripped.


           circuit breaker


      4. If it is not due to the circuit breaker, check the multi-outlet strip.

            should not use multi-outlet


      5. Please unplug the power cord of the dishwasher from the multi-outlet strip and plug into an outlet on the wall.


           only for dish washer




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