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My vacuum states 'check the dust bin' but it is not full, why?

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  • Last Updated 20/08/2014



Vacuum states 'check the dust bin' but it is not full.




Dust bin is not in place




Properly install the dust bin. (An alarm will sound when the bin is placed.)

1. Is the dust bin not placed in the product?
     Open the cover to check dust bin. If dust bin is not in present, insert the bin.
     Close the dust bin cover if it is open.

     ① Open the dust bin cover.
     ② Insert the dust bin in the machine. (A sound will be heard if properly placed.)
     ③ Close the dust bin cover.




2. Is the suction port flap open due to obstructions?

     The suction port flap may be open due to obstructions.
     Remove the obstruction and check the suction port flap is closed before installing the dust bin.

     A voice message will sound when sensors near the dust bin and suction port flap are covered with dust.
     Please clean the sensors.


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