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I can't seem to get an image on my monitor, what could be causing this?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2016

I can't seem to get an image on my monitor, what could be causing this?

Symptom Symptom

        There is no picture appearing on my monitor.

Checkpoint Checkpoint

  • Can anything be seen on the screen? Please check for things like 'no signal' bouncing around the screen or the Windows logo appearing upon start up.
     If you are able to see any form of image then the cause of their issue could be down to their resolution settings. These

    will differ from model to model. 
    Please see the 'how to fix' section below.

  • If you're unable to see any form of image please check that the cables are secure in the back of the unit.
    A loose cable will cause the picture to drop out.
    If you are still unable to see the power light then try plugging 
    it into a different socket and with
    a different power cable (if possible).

How to Fix How to Fix

     Check the user manual and the recommended resolution for the monitor in question 
(You will need to connect this to another monitor if you cannot see an image).
     You will then
need to change these in the Operating Systems display settings, again these will vary depending on the specification of the PC.

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