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My LG scanner mouse does not seem to be working correctly in Windows 8, can this be fixed?

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  • Last Updated 20/08/2014

For customers with the LSM-100/150, we can confirm this mouse does not officially support windows 8 but will work with Windows XP

Windows Vista and windows 7.

It is possible this model will still work with Windows 8 to some degree but as no testing has been done we can not guarantee

compatibility. there are no plans to release any further firmware/software update for this model.


For customer with the LSM-300, we can confirm that this mouse does fully work with windows 8 and has been fully tested in

our labs.


To update the software:


1. Click the 'S' logo on the left side of the LG Smart Scan Main Window -> Updating

2. After the update, you can check the latest version by clicking 'S' logo -> Program Information

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