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What sound / setup options do I have with my LG MUSIC flow system?

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  • Last Updated 20/03/2015

There are 3 main options you can choose when setting up your MUSIC

flow environment:

1) Surround sound mode (Home Cinema) which would use the HS6

Soundbar with any of the H7, H5 and H3 speakers.

2)Group Play Mode with any of the HS6, H7, H5 and H3 speakers.

3)Multi-Channel mode R/L for a pair of speakers.


Surround sound mode  = each speaker receives a seperate channel from a audio steam (e.g. dolby digital, DTS, etc).

Group play = each speaker reproduces the same source sound for distributing music around a room or entire house.

Multi-Channel = each speaker reproduces either the left or right channel from a stereo source.


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