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Is it possible to output TV’s audio by connecting a TV to a speaker?

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  • Last Updated 29/05/2015

Is it possible to output TVs audio by connecting a TV to a speaker?

Function  Function

            - This is possible - please see below for how to do so

            - Applicable models: LAS650M, LAS750M, LAS950M 

setup How to setup

1. Optical connection

   - Connect the optical cable included in the package to a TV and Sound bar.

   - Adjust the TV’s audio output setting; select Optical output speaker. (For TV’s audio output setting, reference your TV users’ manual.)

   - Press “FUNC” on the remote control or “F” on the sound bar to change the output setting to Optical mode.

   * For LG TV: If you set the sound output to LG Sound Sync(Optical), the sound bar will automatically adapt to LG OPT mode, which enables you to control the volume with a TV remote control. (Please note that it may not work depending on the model you are using.)


2. ARC connection

   - Connect the HDMI OUT(TV ARC) on the sound bar to HDMI IN (ARC) on a TV using an HDMI cable.

   - Set up the sound output on the TV Setting menu to ARC. (For TV sound output settings, refer to your TV user manual.)

   - ARC function will be automatically selected when ARC signal comes in from TV.

   * If the device does not output the TV’s audio, check if:

   You have connected HDMI cable to HDMI terminal marked (ARC) on TV.

   You have connected HDMI cable to HDMI OUT (TV ARC) terminal on the sound bar.

   * ARC connection may not operate properly depending on your TV model.


3. LG Sound Sync (Wireless) – LG TV (May not work depending on your TV model)

    - Press “FUNC” on the remote control or “F” on the sound bar to change output setting to LG TV mode.

    - Adjust output setting to LG Sound Sync (Wireless) on TV setting menu.

(For TV sound output settings and the sound bar connection setting, refer to your TV’s users’ manual.)

It does not support audio output using Wi-Fi connection.


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