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How do I setup my lock-screen on my LG G Pad?

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  • Last Updated 12/06/2015

How do I setup my lock-screen on my LG G Pad?


function Function

You can set a lock to secure your personal information.


how to use How to Use

Note: It is very important to remember the screen lock you set.  You will not be able to access your G Pad if you use an incorrect

screen lock five times. After five tries, you can try again after 30 seconds. You have three total opportunities to attempt to unlock

your device.


1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Display tab > Lock screen > Select screen lock .
2. Choose Swipe , Face Unlock , Pattern , PIN , or Password .
Swipe : Once enabled, swipe motion in any direction on the touch screen will unlock the screen.
Face Unlock : Unlocks the screen using face recognition. Keep in mind that Face unlock is less secure than a pattern, PIN
or password because it uses generalized shape and dimensions to verify your face.   To enable, tap Set it up and
 follow the instructions.
Pattern : Unlocks the screen using a pattern you draw with your finger. The first time you set an unlock pattern, you will see
 instructions on how to create it. Read the instructions and tap the Next button. Draw your pattern, connecting at least four
 dots, and tap the Continue button. Then re-draw your pattern and tap the Confirm button.
PIN : Unlocks the screen with a number sequence. Enter a PIN (at least four digits) and tap the Continue button. Re-enter
 your PIN and tap the OK button to confirm it.
Password : Unlocks the screen with an alphanumeric sequence. Enter a password (at least four characters) and tap the
Continue button. Re-enter your password and tap the OK button to confirm it
3. Now you can lock your screen by pressing the Power/Lock Key .  

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