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What is the 'KnockOn' feature that can be found on my G Pad?

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  • Last Updated 20/08/2014



A quick double-tapping of the center screen turns the screen on without pressing the power key/unlock key.  G Pad senses the gesture and turns the display on and off. 


To reduce battery consumption and prevent unintended knocks, G Pad is designed to  sense the knocking gesture only on the 3.3cm X 9.4cm rectangular area on the center of the screen.  
If the tablet is moved when you knock on the screen, the knocking gesture might not be    sensed.   e.g. Knocking the screen with your thumb while holding the tablet in your hand.  
You should double-tap with a fingertip, not with a nail,   to wake the display or put it to sleep.
If KnockOn does not work properly, go to Settings > Display > Motion sensor calibration to recalibrate the sensor.



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