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I’m having problems with Internet Explorer, is there anything I can try?

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  • Last Updated 28/11/2018

 Issues with Internet Explorer


If problems related to Internet Explorer 11 occur, change the web browser settings as follows.



Configuring Compatibility View



1. In Internet Explorer 11, click the [] icon and then select the [Compatibility View settings] menu.
2. When the Compatibility View Settings screen appears, enter the website address and click [Add].



3. Click [Close] to close the Compatibility View Settings screen.


Unchecking the Compatibility View Mode



1. After running Internet Explorer 11 on the desktop, click the [] icon and go to [Internet options] > [Advanced] tab.
2. After clearing [Enable Enhanced Protected Mode] from the settings list, click [OK].


3. Restart the PC and then run Internet Explorer 11 again.
4. After accessing the website you want to use, check whether the plug-ins such as ActiveX are properly installed.



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