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Why is battery draining faster with L-OS?

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  • Last Updated 08/05/2015

Why is battery draining faster with L-OS?



Symptom Symptom


         ■ There is much more battery consumption with L-OS compared to KK,



        ■  Many 3rd party apps have not been optimised yet for L-OS.


how to fix How to fix


         You can do the following:

              1) Open an app which is using a lot of battery .
              2) Press  HOME key. The app will still be running in the background.
              3) Turn off the screen by timeout.
              4) Turn on the screen again, after 3 minutes or more has passed
              5) Check the notification bar. In the notification paneil you can view the information of an app or terminate an app.




              how to turn off

how to turn off


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