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I've just updated the firmware and now it freezes when accessing areas of the TV, what can I do?

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  • Last Updated 19/05/2015
I've just updated the firmware update and now it freezes when accessing areas of the TV, what can I do?


Symptom Symptom

I've just updated the firmware on my Smart TV, and now it freezes when I try to access Smart features or other areas of the TV


How to Fix How to Fix

1) Turn off your LG TV, wait for about 5 minutes and then turn back on. This should resolve the issue

2) If that did not work then you will need to do the following:

- Press MENU button with the normal remote (Not magic remote)
- Go to support
- Go to 'Initialization of Premium
- Select Initialization of Premium and your TV should reboot.
Once your TV has booted back on you should find the issue resolved.

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