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How can I stop video latency when connecting a PC/Mac/Games console through HDMI?

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  • Last Updated 20/05/2015

How can I stop video latency when connecting a PC/Mac/Games console through HDMI?


Cause Cause


Video latency (or input lag/display lag) is very common across all monitors and TVs. This is usually so low that end users

are unable to notice. This occurs due to the way that LCD panels are manufactured. All modern LCD panels have a set

resolution - in order to display a signal that is lower than this resolution the units have to effectively scale down

(this is an internal process) to reduce the output to match the incoming signal from the external device, causing the delay. 

Interlaced video signals are also susceptible to input lag due to a de-interlacing step that the signal has to go through.


How to Fix How to Fix


There are several steps that customers can go through in order to improve the delay. These are as follows:


1. Change the input label to PC, which will compensate for some of this latency. The may, however be some delay still

     be present.
2. Change the picture mode to GAME, this is designed for games consoles, but will also compensate for some of the

    latency on screen. It will also make the screen appear slightly darker, so the brightness may need to be increased to

3. Go into the picture settings and turn off local dimming, this will reduce the amount of image processing done,

    compensating for the latency but will reduce quality of darker colours.
4. Check the length of HDMI cable being used, a cable longer than 1.5m will cause video latency. The longer the cable to

    more likely the signal will be subject to interference.

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