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Why did LG change its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

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  • Last Updated 16/06/2015

Why did LG change its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

checkpoint Checkpoint

We changed the Smart TV Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to make them easier to understand, to provide more information, and to give customers greater control over what data is collected when they use their Smart TVs.

By being connected to the Internet, an LG Smart TV can provide many exciting and innovative features that aren’t available on a regular TV, such as streaming online movies, surfing the Internet, providing personalized viewing recommendations, and voice-activated controls. To make these “smart” features work, and to help LG improve them, certain information must be transmitted from the Smart TV and collected by LG. Our new privacy policy was drafted specifically for the Smart TV, and it explains what information is collected and how it’s used.

Our new policies also include separate agreements regarding personalized advertising, collection of viewing information, and voice data, so that users have even more control over what types of information are transmitted from their Smart TVs. This approach represents an industry-leading privacy protection, which is designed to provide customers with greater information and choice.



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