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Why does LG collect information about what I watch on my TV?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2015

Why does LG collect information about what I watch on my TV?

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There are a number of reasons why certain Smart TV features need to transmit information about what content is being displayed on the TV. One reason is allow LG to provide streaming services like 3D World. Another reason is so that LG can provide various kinds of programming recommendations to Smart TV users. Aggregated information about what content has been viewed helps indicate what’s popular and thus what content should be featured or made more readily available through the Smart TV interface.

LG is committed to protecting users privacy when it comes to the collection and use of viewing information. There are only limited circumstances where such information is ever shared with third parties--and never does that occur in a way that personally identifies any user or indicates what content that person watched.

In addition, LG’s new agreements specifically allow customers to prevent the collection of any viewing information from their Smart TVs. This is one of the privacy-enhancing features of those agreements. Of course, if a customer declines this agreement, the Smart features that require some viewing information to be transmitted (such as 3D-World and personalised viewing recommendations) won’t operate.




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