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What should I do when the LG Store and Sign-in icon disappear from my screen?

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  • Last Updated 06/05/2015

What should I do when the LG Store and Sign-in icon disappear from my screen?


symptom Symptom


           ■ LG Store (Smart World) and sign-in icon suddenly disappear from the screen.

              (For countries that 3D World is available, the 3D World icon also disappears.)


           Loggin Icon Diappeared


cause Cause


          ■ If the country settings on the Smart TV are set to auto instead of manual, another

              country is automatically selected.

This causes the TV to revert to it's previous settings. As you have connected the

TV to your own internet provider/connection, this means the IP address also

changes, causing the LG Store (LG Smart World or LG Apps) and the sign-in

icon to disappear from the your home screen. This is because the country no

 longer matches the IP address.


( This is applicable to all LG Smart TV platforms )


how to fix How to fix


          ■ If your country setting is Auto, change it to Manual and select a country accordingly.


             Where to find Smart TV Country Settings

         - [Y2011 Models] Set up → Network Smart TV Settings Country settings

           Manual Select country

    - [Y2012 Models] Settings Option Smart TV Settings Manual Select country

    - [Y2013 Models] Settings
Option Service Country Settings Manual Select country

    - [Y2014~2015 (
webOS) Models] Select Settings icon  General Location

           LG Service Country Select country




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