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What should I expect from the Web Browser on my Smart TV?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2016

What should I expect from the Web Browser on my Smart TV?



function Function


It is a fully functioning web browser that will work in a similar way to that of a web browser on a PC. With this being a TV based browser it does have its limitations.

You will not be able to open certain websites. Due to the version of Flash Player that LG’s TVs have incorporated into their systems (Flash Lite) certain website formats will not be supported. For example, you will not be able to stream videos from certain sites, any Flash based games will not work, etc. The version of Flash player is not updatable due to it being placed on the boards upon manufacture.


You will also not be able to download software, pictures, videos or music off of websites; this is due to the hardware constraints within the TV.

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