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LG OLED Flex 42

Left-facing Flex seen from a front 45-degree angled view with a fully curved screen.

Flex your curves

Flexible Display

1 screen. 20 curves.

With LG OLED Flex, go from a flat display all the way to a spectacular 900R curve* until you find the ideal arc for total immersion. Simply press the curvature button on your remote control and explore 20 different levels of curve.

Close-ups of Posé from the back at an angle, and from the side. Partial view of Magic Remote in Beige.

An image of LG OLED Flex in its flat position with a remote control in front of it. The curvature button is highlighted in green.

*This product does not have a fixed curvature but instead has a bendable, changeable curve.Based on internal testing, the maximum curvature is similar to products with a fixed curvature of 900R, and the minimum curvature is similar to a flat screen display.
*All imagery is for illustration purposes only.

0.1ms Response Time

Play with less delay

Add seriously swift moves to your arsenal with a blazing-fast 0.1ms response time*. Feel as though you're in the game with real-time actions.

A regular display and fast response time display both show the same image of a soccer game. The display with a 0.1ms response time is noticeably smoother and more realistic.

*Response time tested and certified by Intertek.

Super Anti Reflection

Don't let reflections
disrupt your game

With SAR technology, LG OLED Flex reduces reflections from surrounding light, objects, and people for 25% less reflections than previous generations*. So even when you're in a bright space, you can game with less distracting shadows on the screen.

An image of a person gaming on LG OLED Flex. The right side of the screen has SAR technology applied and shows just the game graphics. The left side of the screen is non-SAR and has a reflection of the gamer's face.

*Reflections was reduced by 25% compared to LG OLED G2 and C2 during in-house tests.
*The comparison image is for illustration purposes only.

Self-Lit OLED evo

The screen gamers deserve

LG OLED evo's self-lit pixels bring unrivaled contrast with deep darks and bright highlights. The defined picture comes together with 100% color fidelity* to make game graphics look hyper-realistic, while eye comfort credentials** give you a winner's vision.

Three LG OLED Flex televisions shown standing side by side displaying a black abstract image, colorful abstract image and a blue wave image on their screens.

*LG OLED Panel is certified by Intertek for 100% Color Fidelity measured to CIE DE2000 with 125 color patterns.
*Display Color Gamut Volume (CGV) is equivalent or exceeds the CGV of the DCI-P3 color space as verified independently by Intertek.
**LG OLED TV sets have been certified as low-blue light displays by TUV-Eyesafe®.

Custom Fit

Your battlestation
adapts to you

Find the most immersive viewing position. Adjust the height up to 140mm, and tilt the screen 10 degrees forward or 5 degrees backward. Go enemies to face? Find the optimal spot for winning. Time to chill with a movie, the best seat in the house is just a slight move away.

Customizable UX

Enter the control room

Game Dashboard appears over your screen without pausing and lets you find the ideal screen size for your game. See scenes in 27, 32, or 42-inches ⁠— whatever suits your favorite genre best. Multi-view lets you split the screen in half to play on one side and watch game guides on another.

*All imagery is for illustration purposes only.

Game Optimizer

Sights and sounds
that suit your game

With Game Optimizer, go deeper into controls and apply advanced game, picture, and sound settings that will satisfy even the most discerning gamers.

Game, picture, and sound settings shown over the game in three different images.

Convenient Connectivity

Simply switch
between TV and PC

Connect your mouse, keyboard, headset, and microphone directly to LG OLED Flex and use your accessories continuously in both TV and PC mode with Switching Hub.

Switching hub shown in three images. First, the Switching Hub menu is shown on LG OLED Flex's screen. The second image shows the connectivity port on LG OLED Flex. The third image shows a side view of LG OLED Flex's connectivity port.

*When using the Switching Hub function, connect all devices such as mouse, keyboard, USB headset and earset.
*USB PC ↔ TV connection terminal is provided separately.

Gaming Mic Built In

Make your voice heard

Say your command. The built-in echo canceling mic ensures your voice is always loud and clear — even when you're not wearing a headset.

An image of a man playing a game on LG OLED Flex. Sound bubbles depicting speech are shown around his mouth.

Superior Sound

Sounds that get your
head in the game

A fighter jet flying overhead. An explosion over your shoulder. Hear your game world completely surround you. The 40W speakers are at the front of the television for sounds that shake the room. Dolby Atmos places the audio in virtual space to make it feel like it's happening all around you.

An image of a person watching a concert on LG OLED Flex. Sound bubbles depicting audio emit from the front of the television.

Shield Design

Undefeatable style

LG OLED Flex is your armor in every game. Designed like a shield to ward off your opponents, the ultra-thin display sits against a solid and powerful back, shaped like the handle you grab as you run into battle.

Three images of LG OLED Flex. First, two televisions are seen from above standing face to face. Second, a close-up of the Shield Design seen from above at an angle. Third, a front-on close-up of the Shield Design.

Fusion Lighting

Illuminate your aura

Customize the backlight colors and discover 5 lighting modes to match your gaming mood. With Sound Sync, the effects move along with the sound, making giant explosions even more dramatic. Video Sync immerses you in your gameworld by synchronizing with the graphics.

LG OLED Flex seen from the back with green lighting. Below, close-ups of red, purple, blue, and grey Shield Designs side-by-side in a row.

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All Spec


Display Type


Display Resolution

4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate

100Hz Native

Wide Colour Gamut

OLED Colour


Picture Processor

α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

AI Picture

AI Picture Pro

AI Upscaling

AI 4K Upscaling

Dynamic Tone Mapping

Yes (Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro)

AI Genre Selection

Yes (SDR/HDR/Dolby HDR)

AI Brightness Control


HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Dolby Vision IQ / HDR10 / HLG



HFR (High Frame Rate)

4K 120 fps (HDMI, RF, USB)

Dimming Technology

Pixel Dimming


OLED Motion

Picture Mode

9 modes (Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, Filmmaker, (ISF)Expert(Bright Room), (ISF)Expert(Dark Room))


G-Sync Compatible (Nvidia)


FreeSync Compatible (AMD)




Game Optimiser

Yes (Game Dashboard)

ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)


VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)



Operating System (OS)

webOS 22



Home Dashboard


Works with Apple Homekit


Works with Apple Airplay2


Art Gallery


Sports Alert


Family Settings


USB Camera Compatible



Dolby Atmos


AI Sound

AI Sound Pro (Virtual 7.1.2 Up-mix)

Clear Voice Pro


WiSA Ready

Yes (Up to 2.1 Channel)

LG Sound Sync


Sound Mode Share


Simultaneous Audio Output


Bluetooth Surround Ready

Yes (2 Way Playback)


Simplink (HDMI CEC)


HDMI Audio Return Channel


Bluetooth Support

Yes (v 5.0)

Ethernet Input


SPDIF (Optical Digital Audio Out)



High Contrast


Grey Scale


Invert Colours



TV Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD mm)

937 x 614 x 297

Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD mm)

1125 x 770 x 455

TV Stand (WxD mm)

363 x 297

TV Weight with Stand (kg)


Packaging Weight (kg)



Bar Code


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Left-facing Flex seen from a front 45-degree angled view with a fully curved screen.


LG OLED Flex 42