11 years later, still on top

*Omdia. 11 years of NO 1 regarding most sold units 2013-2023. This result is not an endorsement of LGE or its products. Visit https://www.omdia.com/ for more details.

Time-tested legends and rising masterpieces

Crafting a sensation as breathtaking and awe-inspiring as LG OLED doesn't happen overnight. It takes an unparalleled commitment to innovation, artistry, and an alpha 11 AI Processor that changes more than just the picture. Now, there's another new masterpiece to add to the hall of fame — the LG OLED evo G4.

For picture and sound experience uniquely yours

LG's alpha 11 AI Processor 4K barely visible amidst darkness. The AI Processor lights up purple and pink, and colorful bolts of light shoot out from it. More bolts appear across the motherboard, stretching further.

alpha 11 AI Processor

The only chipset dedicated to OLED redefines the experience through 11 years of expertise in deep learning, graphics, and speed.

*Screen images simulated.

**Comparison is based on a conventional TV with alpha 5 AI Processor.

***Virtual 11.1.2ch Surround and AI Voice Remastering are only available on alpha 11 AI Processor.

****Must be activated through the sound mode menu.

*****Sound may vary according to the listening environment.

For technology that frees you

Zero Connect 

OLED brilliance with wireless connectivity

One image shows a man playing a game on his LG OLED TV while his dog lies on the floor in a cozy living space with neutral décor. A city view is visible through the window. No wires surround the wall-mounted LG OLED TV, and the Wireless Connect Box sits neatly on a side table. And the other image shows a person's hand connecting a device to the Wireless Connect Box.

The world's first 4K 120Hz wireless AV-connected OLED TV, LG OLED M Series, makes it possible to place your TV anywhere and embrace interior freedom. Place the Zero Connect Box wherever best suits your interiors and connect game consoles and other peripherals, keeping your TV view free of wires and clutter.

*Devices must be connected via wire to the Zero Connect Box.

**Zero Connect Box should be installed lower than the TV's wireless receiver.

***Power cable connection to both the TV screen and Zero Connect Box required.

****The phrase "world's first wireless OLED" refers to OLED televisions with 4K 120Hz connectivity.

For designs that fit every way of your life

LG OLED evo G4

Designed to match perfectly in every way

Incredible innovation for inspiring interiors. LG OLED evo G4's One Wall Design and matching LG Soundbar USG10TY are marvels in design engineering, getting unbelievably close to the wall with barely-there bezels or extrusions for more immersive viewing.

Three images are shown in sequence. Firstly, a couple watching a concert playing on an LG OLED evo G4 with the perfectly matching LG Soundbar USG10TY in a modern living space, while a same image with a man watching the TV is shown in mobile device. And the below, one shows an angled perspective of the bottom of an LG OLED TV and LG Soundbar. And the other shows a side profile view of an LG OLED evo G4 and LG Soundbar USG10TY, both with incredibly thin dimensions and virtually zero gap against the wall.

LG OLED evo C4 with USC9S

Made to perform an unforgettable duet

A harmony of incredible sight and sound. Immerse yourself in everything you watch with the LG OLED evo C4 and the built-to-match LG Soundbar USC9S.

Three images are shown in sequence. Firstly, a side profile view of LG OLED evo C4 showing landscape photography in a casual and bohemian-style living room with warm lights. And then, two women enjoying and cheering on the soccer game playing on LG OLED evo C4 in a bright and casual living room. The LG Soundbar USC9S attaches neatly to the TV. Lastly, an angled crop view of LG OLED evo C4 attached to LG Soundbar USC9S with the Synergy Bracket.


Reshape the game

Flex your curves, up your game. LG OLED Flex's innovative bendable screen moves from a flat screen to a 900R curved display at the touch of a button to boost your immersion.

LG OLED Flex seen from behind in a colorful gaming room. The Shield Design is lit up with a red backlight. And another image shows LG OLED Flex seen from the front in a dark and purple-lit gaming room playing a racing game.

LG Object Collection Posé

Beauty from all angles, in all spaces

The front-back, all-around beauty of LG OLED Posé adds a touch of artistic flair to any space.

Four images are shown in sequence. Firstly, LG OLED Posé seen from the front in a white and wooden living space showing a colorful minimalist artwork on the screen. In second, LG OLED Posé seen from behind in a retro-colored living space with a vinyl record in the back media shelf. Lastly, Two different side images of an angled close-up of LG OLED Posé showing its roundness around the edges and back shelf.

*Bezel size differs by series and size.

**This product has a bendable and changeable curve. 

***Based on internal testing, the maximum curvature is similar to products with a fixed curvature of 900R, and the minimum curvature is similar to a flat screen display.

****Screen images simulated.

For expertise you can rely on

The bottom corner of LG OLED evo G4 seen from an aerial angled view with the 5-Year warranty logo. The TV shows a purple and orange abstract artwork, and colorful light casts from the TV and reflects on the floor.

5-Year Panel Warranty

Excellence with a warranty to match. Experience that new TV feeling for even longer with the confidence of a 5-year panel warranty.

*In the 1st year of the warranty, panel, parts, and labor costs are covered. In the 2nd-5th year of the warranty, only panels are covered, and labor will be charged.

Hear why world-class directors choose LG OLED

In conversation with Netflix's Beef director Lee Sung Jin.

Where Ryusuke Hamaguchi crafts his award-winning movies.

PC: LG OLED evo G4, LG OLED evo C4, and LG OLED B4 side-by-side, each displaying a different-colored abstract artwork on screen. Light casts from each TV to the ground below. A gold emblem of World's number 1 OLED TV for 11 Years at the top right corner. On the other hand, the same images of LG OLED evo G4, LG OLED evo C4, and LG OLED B4 are shown in a row in mobile device.


Meet the icons of LG OLED's 11th consecutive year on top

*Source: Omdia. Unit shipments, 2013-2023. Results are not an endorsement of LG Electronics. Any reliance on these results is at the third-party's own risk. Visit https://www.omdia.com/for more details.