LG Multi Split for homes

Ideal HVAC for the Ideal Home: LG Multi Split


If you’re looking for the right air conditioner, more specifically a multi split system, for your home, then keep reading to learn more about the ideal multi split solution. The LG Multi Split brings more to the table than energy efficiency residential installations. Low noise emission, space-saving form factor and convenience all make the Multi Split the ideal HVAC solution for your home. Because our homes are where we relax and revitalize, our HVAC systems shouldn’t cause headaches during operation, installation or maintenance.

Peace and Quiet



We often overlook the impact of the noise that an outdoor unit makes. To get the most satisfaction from your air conditioner, checking the noise level before you purchase your unit is a must. The Multi Split for residential installations reduces noise emissions for a more peaceful and quieter environment. The secret is in its shaft-through hybrid scroll structure with bottom compression. LG’s own R1 compressor reduces noise emission by improving stability and limiting vibration during operation. The stability of the R1 compressor also improves durability and increases the lifetime of products like the Multi Split so that you can enjoy a more peaceful environment for even longer.

Left: Outdoor units taking up lots of balcony space Right: LG Multi Split outdoor unit taking up less space than conventional units

Compact Size Means More Space for You



The Multi Split not only keeps your home from unnecessary noise, but its small form factor also reduces the space needed for installation, providing more freedom in system and interior design. Multiple indoor units can also be run from a single outdoor unit, making the use of space even more efficient. Along with the additional space, the Multi Split won’t interfere with the design or aesthetic of your home. This flexible form factor makes the Multi Split ideal for retrofit installations as well since the unit can feet neatly into any space without cumbersome ducts or extensive piping. Homeowners aren’t the only ones who benefit from the innovative design of the Multi Split. The smarter compact design of this solution also makes installation faster and more flexible for HVAC engineers. A more compact unit allows engineers to access compact spaces for installation and maintenance.

LG ThinQ™ application allows users to conveniently monitor and control their air conditioners

Peek Convenience



Users can monitor and control their home HVAC systems as well with LG ThinQ connectivity for more convenient and efficient operation both in the house, or away from home. Furthermore, the design of the many LG indoor units makes maintenance service even more convenient for service technicians. Technicians can also access valuable maintenance information about indoor and outdoor units to more accurately diagnose issues and reduce service times.


Homeowners know what they need for their ideal home and LG understands what customers require to meet those needs. The LG Multi Split provides customers with the optimal residential HVAC solution for ideal home comfort while making life more convenient for homeowners, designers and HVAC engineers.

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