• LG Wearable Air Purifier - Inner Cover Type - A (30pcs/box)

  • LG Wearable Air Purifier - Inner Cover Type - B (30pcs/box)

  • LG Wearable Air Purifier - Total Care Filter (2pcs/box)

  • LG Wearable Air Purifier - Neck & 1 set Ear Band

  • LG Wearable Air Purifier - Face Guard

  • LG PS-R459WN Air Purifier - Dual Protection Filter

    Removal of large dust particles (>10μm) and hair

  • LG PS-R459WN Air Purifier - Allergens Filter

    Allergens, pollen and mold filtering

  • LG PS-R459WN Air Purifier - Activated Carbon Filter

    Filters formaldehyde, odors and smoke-causing substances (Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide )

  • LG PS-R459WN Air Purifier - HEPA Filter

    Bacteria, virus, yellow dust and 99.9% PM2.5 fine particles filtration.

  • LG PuriCare™ 360° Air Purifier - 3-in1 Filter

    Remove 99% dust, ultra-fine particles and allergens, and filter up to 0.02μm harmful substances.

  • LG PuriCare™ Mini Air Purifier - HEPA Filter

    Total Allergen Removal Filter - 99% general dust, super fine dust and allergens removal.

  • Dehumidifier - 3M Filter

    Bacteria, molds, viruses and allergens elimination

  • LG PS-V219CS Air Purifier - Deodorizing Filter

    Filters formaldehyde and smog-causing materials

  • LG PS-V219CS Air Purifier - HEPA Filter

    PM2.5 paticles, yellow dust, allergens, pollen and mold elimination