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Horizontal or Vertical lines on the screen

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  • Last Updated 21/11/2012

"Do the lines appear on all channels, inputs, and programs?"

Switch the input of the television to see if the lines still appear on multiple inputs. Do the lines appear when the Menu or Home button is pressed?

If yes: The TV may require service.

If no: Proceed to step 2.

"On which inputs do the lines occur?"


  1. Check to ensure that the cables are connected securely in both the TV and wall/antenna outlet.
  2. It may be necessary to reposition the antenna to receive a better signal.
  3. Check other televisions in the home to see if the lines are visible.
  4. If lines are visible on other televisions, it may be necessary to contact the cable/satellite provider for assistance. (this could mean that the cable lines have been split multiple times and the signal is diminished by the time it reaches the television)
  5. If the issue only happens on 1 channel, the problem could be with that channel


  1. Check to ensure that the cables are connected securely in both the TV and external device.
  2. Attempt a new set of cables, if possible
  3. Try this device on another television using the same cable to see if the lines still ocurr. (If lines occur on another television, the problem is likely with the device or the cable, not the television)


  1. Check to ensure that the cables are connected securely in both the PC and the television.
  2. Check the chart/table in the TV owner's manual to ensure that the resolution and refresh rate are set accordingly on the computer.
  3. Try a different RGB or HDMI cable to the computer.


2nd Call:

Check all steps again

Is this the first call for this problem? 

If Yes: Continue with 1st Call Troubleshooting steps.
If No: Proceed to the Second Call Instructions.

Customer Education:

"Lines on the screen can sometimes be caused by the program itself"

Lets perform some simple troubleshooting steps to see if this issue can be resolved over the phone.



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