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No Power

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  • Last Updated 21/11/2012

"The power indicator light will be our first indication as to whether the TV is actually receiving power"

  1. If the power indicator light is illuminated on the front of the device, the device is receiving power. Troubleshoot the 'No Signal/Black Screen' symptom
  2. If the power indicator light is not illuminated, the device may not be receiving power. Some customers may have chosen to disable the stand-by and/or power light, so this is not always an indication of power to the device. Proceed to step 2.
"It is not rare for the power cable to come loose or disconnected. Let's check to ensure it is secure"

Ensure the power cable is connected firmly in the back of the unit as well as the outlet on the wall or power strip.

Note: Some newer models will not have a detachable power cord. Ask the customer to check the back of the TV to determine whether the power cord is secure.

If the power cable is secure, proceed to step 3.

"Sometimes checking a different outlet can solve this issue. Have you tried a different outlet?"

  1. If the customer is using a surge protector or power strip, ensure the power is in the 'ON' position.
  2. Sometimes power outlets are controlled by light switches on the wall. If this is the case, ensure that the light switch is in the 'ON' position.
  3. Attempt to connect the power cable to a different outlet or a different power strip. (Optional: Ask the customer to connect a lamp or other device to the same outlet the TV was connected to)

If a different outlet has been attempted, proceed to step 4.

"Does the unit have an A/C power switch that could have been dis-engaged?"

If the unit has the option, check that the A/C power switch is engaged to the 'ON' position. This can often mistakenly be dis-engaged when moving or swiveling the TV

Note: Not all TVs will have this switch.

If the power switch is 'ON' or the device does not have one, proceed to step 5.

"As a last resort, I'd like to reset the unit completely"

If the unit will not turn on with either the remote or the front panel, and all of the previous steps have failed:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall or outlet for 30 seconds. (It is not necessary to hold the power button during the reset)
  2. Wait 30 seconds while the device resets
  3. Reconnect the power cord and attempt to power the device on using the power button on the front of the device.

If all prior steps have failed, the unit may require service.

2nd Call:

Determine where in the troubleshooting steps we left off. Proceed to complete the troubleshooting to determine whether the device will require service.

Is this the first call for this problem? 

If Yes: Continue with 1st Call Troubleshooting steps.
If No: Proceed to the Second Call Instructions.

Customer Education:

"The remote control is often the reason the device will not power on. Try the power button on the front of the unit."

Lets perform some simple troubleshooting steps to see if this issue can be resolved over the phone. After each step we complete, please press the power button on the front of the TV to test the power. The power button on the TV will allow us to properly test each step we attempt.



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