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  • Last Updated 16/11/2012
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To get started download the LG TV Remote app from the application market on your device. Once downloaded ensure both your Smartphone and Smart TV (2012 and newer) are connected to the same Wi-Fi access point before opening the app; the Smart TV app uses Wi-Fi to communicate to your Smart TV. Make sure your TV is turned on and set to a regular cable or HDTV station (your smart TV app cannot power on your TV).

Pair your Smartphone and Smart TV by opening the application and selecting Scan. After connecting to the network the Smart TV app will display a list of compatible Smart TV's that you can connect too.

Once you’re Smart TV is selected a numbered code will be shown on your screen, enter this code on your Smartphone to complete paring.

You can now change channels, control volume and navigate your Smart TV menu's with your phone.  To switch between Remote and Touchpad functions tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen, to go back, tap the back arrow .

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