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Vudu- 3D Playback

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  • Last Updated 13/03/2013
BD- Vudu- 3D Playback


Vudu is one of the few streaming services that offers 3D streaming.

Select a 3D Title from the Vudu Library

Select the Search option from the Vudu Home page.

Type in "3D" to get a list of available 3D titles.

Select the 3D title you wish to rent or purchase.

From the Title description page, select the Rent/Own option to make the purchase.

The TV will automatically recognize the proper 3D mode and begin playing the 3D title.

Note: If the title you wish to view is not available in 3D and the television offers 2D-3D conversion, you can select any title to stream using this 3D feature.

3D Options/Settings

Press the Q. Menu button while streaming to access additional settings and options available for 3D viewing.

Set 3D Video- Turns the 3D mode on or off.

3D Mode Setting-

3D Picture Correction

3D Depth- Adjusts the stereoscopic effect of a 3D image converted from 2D.

3D Viewpoint- Moves the 3D image front and back to adjust the 3D perspective view.

Set Video- Makes adjustments to the Picture Mode which includes Backlight, Color, Contrast, Tint, etc.

Set Audio- Speaker Output, Sound Mode, Auto Volume, Clear Voice, Balance.

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