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File Sharing/DLNA

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  • Last Updated 16/11/2012
BD- File Sharing/DLNA


DLNA, or Digital Living Network Alliance, is a standardized way that data can be communicated across different devices. This works well for streaming files from PC's to TV's or Blu-ray players.

This allows you to listen to a song that is stored on a PC in one room of the house from your TV or Home Theater System without having to physically burn the file to a disc or transfer it using a thumb drive.

DLNA Requirements

Apple/Mac Compatibility

DLNA PC Installation

Sharing Folders

TV Interface & Navigation

DLNA Requirements

A wired or wireless home network is required.

Note: All sharing must occur over the same Network. Sharing between two separate networks is not supported.

PC Server software must be installed on the PC to share files using DLNA. Nero MediaHome Essentials is supplied with all LG DLNA certified devices. Other PC Server software can be used as well.

Some versions of Microsoft Windows allows for file sharing without the Nero MediaHome Essentials software.

Devices must be DLNA Certified to use this feature.

Certain file types may be restricted and copy protected files may not function properly.

Apple/Mac Compatibility

Right out of the box LG televisions will not work with Apple products or the Mac OS because the supplied DLNA software is designed for PC's. You may have the option to look for a freeware digital media server (DMS) built for the Mac platform, or alternatively you can use the software offered by PLEX.

DLNA PC Installation

Windows Vista and Windows 7 can do file sharing from within the operating system itself. Older versions of OS such as XP require file sharing software such as Nero to be used. Nero Media Home Essentials is not the only DMS software available however LG cannot support or guarantee other software's compatibility.

Installing Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials

Once the disc is inserted into the tray and the popup appears, click the Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials button to begin the installation process.

Select the folder in which the Nero software should be installed then click Next.

Select the network adapter Nero should use to share content.

If there is more than one network listed, be sure to choose the correct one.

If certain ports are used over the network to share content, be sure to enter those specific port numbers in the Fixed Port Number field.

Sharing Folders

Select the Shares icon at the upper left hand area of the Nero window.

Click the Add button to select the files/folders you wish to share on the media server.

Select the folder or files to share then click the OK button.

Once the files/folders have been selected Nero's software will begin indexing the files. Depending on how many files are contained within the selected sources this process may take some time. Click OK once indexing has completed.

Click the Start Server button to begin sharing the content.

TV Interface & Navigation

Press the Home button on the LG Blu-ray remote to display the Home menu.

Select Movie, Photo, or Music

Select a DLNA media server using the up and down arrow keys and press enter.

Note: If you need to rescan for an available media server, press the green G key on the remote.

Choose a file by using the arrow keys on the remote and press Enter to play the file.

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