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Netflix - Dolby Digital Audio Out

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  • Last Updated 13/03/2013
BD- Netflix- Dolby Digital Audio Out


Smart TV Model

If you have a Smart model, your Netflix software will allow 5.1 channel audio output

The Netflix software required for streaming Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Audio is only compatible and installed on Smart TV units.

If you have a Smart model, DD 5.1 can be transmitted to the television/home theater system by an HDMI cable or Optical Digital Audio cable.

Depending on the version of Netflix you are running on the player, you may have the option to enable or disable Dolby 5.1 output within the application itself.

Note: Titles that support 5.1 audio output will have a small indicator next to the title and program information pane in the Netflix application.

Note: NetCast Home Theater Systems do not have enough memory to run the needed software to provide 5.1 channel audio output with Netflix.

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