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Updating Firmware

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  • Last Updated 13/03/2013
BD- Updating Firmware


Go Through the Menu to Manually Download Firmware

Firmware updates are released on a regular basis for network enabled Blu-ray players. These updates are used to enhance current features and sometimes add more applications to the device.

Note: A network connection is required to perform an update from this device.

Take the LG Blu-ray remote and select the HOME button

Navigate to SETUP

Scroll down to OTHERS



If no new update is found, the device is currently running the latest available version. Make sure Automatic Software Updates are enabled in this menu so you will be prompted to download a newer version when it is released.

If a new update is found, choose ‘OK’ or ‘ENTER’ to proceed with the download.

Update Will Not Complete

Sometimes firmware updates will not complete for multiple reasons. A slow network connection or a router being too far away is often the problem.

Press the ‘INFO’ button on the LG remote control to see how far the update has progressed.

How long has it been since the update was initiated?

Less than 10 minutes:

If the update status percentage is still increasing, the update is still processing and could take a little longer to complete. The amount of time it takes for an update to complete can vary and depends on the network speed and size of the update.

If the update percentage is not increasing and seems stuck or frozen, reset the device by unplugging from the power cord for 30 seconds. Re-attempt the update once the unit is powered back on.

More than 10minutes:

Updates should not take any longer than about 10 minutes to complete, but in some cases they do. The size of the file and the speed of the customer's network could contribute to long update times. If the update status percentage is not increasing and seems stuck or frozen, reset the device by unplugging it for 30 seconds. Re-attempt the update once powered back on.

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