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Blu-ray Disc Playback Issues

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  • Last Updated 13/03/2013
BD- BluRay Disc Playback Issues


Blu-ray disc playback errors are often the cause of scratched discs.

Check the Disc for Scratches.

Inspect the disc for scratches. If any are present, playback issues could occur.

If no scratches are present it may be necessary to purchase a Blu-ray disc cleaning kit to clean the IR sensors in the Blu-ray player.

Check for Firmware Updates

Whether the issue is with new or old Blu-ray discs, it is necessary to check the firmware level of the player as it could be outdated, thus causing the problem.

Take the LG Blu-ray remote and select the HOME button

Take the LG Blu-ray remote and select the HOME button

Navigate to SETUP

Scroll down to OTHERS



If new software is available, it will be downloaded shortly.

If, after downloaded the latest software version, the Blu-ray disc still will not play, it may be necessary to call in to LG Customer Support at 1-800-243-0000 for further information on known issues with the disc you are attempting to play.

Region Code Compatibility

Blu-ray players will have a regional code printed on the rear of the unit. The player can only play BD-ROM or DVD discs labeled the same as the rear of the unit or “ALL”.

Home-Made Discs

If you are using a home-made Blu-ray disc, it may be formatted with an incompatible file format type.

Check your owner’s manual for detailed information on the compatible file formats for your player and reformat the disc where necessary.

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