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Netflix - Network Too Slow/Network Congestion

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  • Last Updated 13/03/2013
HTS- Netflix- Network Too Slow/Network Congestion


The video quality of the content being streamed is directly related to the bandwidth that is being consumed on your home network. If you experience poor quality video or videos have to stop and buffer frequently then the bandwidth of the home network may be insufficient. Your network ready Blu-ray player will scan the available bandwidth and adjust to the quality of the video so that it is presented without interruption.

Perform a Network Speed Test

Use the Vudu application to test your connection speed.

Select Vudu from the player's Premium Apps menu.

Scroll over to the My Vudu tab from the Vudu home page.

Highlight Info & Settings in the My Vudu page.

Start the test and allow the minute to elapse to get a good idea of what bandwidth you have available to use for streaming.

Bandwidth Availability

You can attempt to increase the available bandwidth on your network by decreasing the amount of tasks being performed on other network devices.

In cases where multiple devices are connected to the network via a router, the total bandwidth available is split evenly and shared between the different devices.

If you are attempting to stream content to your network Blu-ray player you may need to stop other activities such as online gaming, video/music streaming, and file downloads.

Stopping these activities while you stream content will leave more available bandwidth open for the player to use.

Note: For the best streaming experience, LG recommends a download speed of at least 5 Mbps. If your network speed meets the requirements, check for software updates.

If your network speed is lower than 1-3 Mbps, you may wish to contact your Internet Service Provider to reset the network signal to your house.

If your network speed is well over 1-3 Mbps, attempt to stream an HD quality preview from Vudu to test the network connection further.

If the Vudu HD preview streams without incident, contact Netflix for further troubleshooting.

If the Vudu HD preview did not stream properly, reset the home network connection.

Perform a Home Network Reset

Unplug the power cable to both the modem and the router for 15-20 seconds.

Connect the modem back up first, then the router.

Check the streaming quality again.

If the problem continues after the network reset, contact your cable service provider for additional network troubleshooting.

Some tips for network speed issues:

1)     Unplug the TV for 20 seconds. This will reboot the operating system used by the TV and clear all memory buffers.

2)     If your TV uses a USB Adapter, use a USB extension cable to move the adapter to a less obstructive spot.

3)     Use Wireless N 5GHz if your router supports it.

4)     Consider upgrading older routers or modems. Newer models are specifically designed to support high quality video streaming.


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