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I checked the video resolution on PC

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  • Last Updated 30/06/2016

I checked the video resolution on PC


You can only play with a resolution of 720x576 and below.
If it is higher than that, it may stop or not play at all.

How to fix

1) Video/music must be purchased through a legitimate route.    
2) AVI,DVIX,MPG,MPEG are the playable DivX files.    
3) DVIX3.xx, DIVX4.xx, DIVX5.xx, DIVX6.xx  are the playable codecs.(DIVX6 format is only for playing.)    
4) Dolby Digital, DTS, MP3 are the playable audio formats.    
5) Having met all the requirements above, it may or may not play depending on the type or recording method.    
6) The resolution of video must be 720x576 and below.


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