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I can't connect to wired network

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  • Last Updated 30/06/2016

I can't connect to wired network


To connect wired network

 Things to check

Wired network connection: If it uses DHCP server for network connection, it will provide its IP address as you connect the LAN.
Depending on the network environment, you might have to connect the network manually. If manual connection is needed, follow the procedure below.

Wired connection

Connect cables while all the power is off.

① Connect the LAN cable between the unit and the router.
    If the cable is connected, turn on the devices in the order of the unit, router, and Blu-ray(Home Theater).

② Go to Settings and click YES.

③ Set up the Blu-ray(Home Theater).

②Go to SETUP and select Connection Setting.

③  Select the network type: Wired.

③ Set the IP Mode and DNS Server.
     To set IP and DNS manually:
     IP Mode : Static  / DNS Server : Manual

④ Network connected.

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