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I want to assign frequently used phone numbers to speed dial numbers.

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  • Last Updated 14/04/2016

Speed dial settings can be configured as follows:

How to set speed dial

1. On the dial screen of the Phone app, tap the upper right menu button and select a speed dial.
2. Press the speed dial to be designated, and then select a contact.
3. Select a contact to set the speed dial. 

Making calls using speed dial

• Run the Phone app and press a speed dial on the dial pad. The speed dial will be searched, and search results will be displayed. Tap a contact and press the call button to make a call.
• Press and hold a speed dial to make a call. If the speed dial is two digits long, press the first digit, then press and hold the second digit.


• Press and hold a speed dial with a designated contact to edit, disable or move. 

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