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How do I register a fingerprint?

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  • Last Updated 14/04/2016

Select 'Add Fingerprint' in 'Settings> Fingerprints & Security> Fingerprints.' You can register the fingerprint by placing your finger on the power button. 

To add fingerprint 

1. Select 'Fingerprints' in 'Settings> Fingerprints & Security.' 

2. You must set the security lock first if screen lock is not set.
3. Lift and place your finger repeatedly on the power button according to the instructions to register the fingerprint. 


• Set the 'Lock Screen' of the screen lock with Knock Code™, pattern, PIN or password to use the fingerprint.
• Completely cover the power button with the finger when registering a fingerprint.
• Do not press the power button but lightly place your finger on it.

• Register a whole fingerprint several times. The phone can recognize a fingerprint faster and more accurately if the whole fingerprint is registered. 

• Remove any residue such as moisture or dust on the finger and power button before registering a fingerprint. 

• Make sure that the power button is not covered by a protective film or protective case.

• A fingerprint may not be recognized if the skin of the finger is too dry or there is a scratch on the finger. Register another fingerprint in that case. 

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