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How can I use the universal remote feature of QRemote?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2016

Run QRemote and then proceed as follows:

How to use the universal remote

1. On the device selection screen, press 'Make Universal Remote.'
2. Enter a name for the remote control, and then drag the buttons you would like to use to the desired position.
3. Touch the button you wish to program. The button will now blink.
4. Press a button on your normal remote control for two seconds, pointing toward the infrared (IR) sensor on your phone.
5. When programming is successful, this will be indicated on the button.
6. Use the same method to program the remaining buttons.


Depending on the position of your remote control, the signal may not be received properly.

When programming your remote control, the IR sensor on the upper right corner of your phone and the normal remote control should be facing each other at 0–3 cm apart.

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