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What is LG 360 VR?

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  • Last Updated 14/04/2016

360 VR

- Size (Height x Width x Thickness): 164.07 x 185.61 x 45.9 mm
- Color: Titanium Silver
- Chipset: STM32F411 - Cortex-M4 100MHz
- Display: 960 x 720 (1.88") IPS LCD x 2EA
- Connectivity: USB 2.0 + Type C Plug
- Acoustic: 3.5Φ, TRS Jack
- Sensors: Proximity, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
- Physical UI Keys (Back, Select)


360 VR is a dedicated VR device for G5, which is connected via wired connection.
Connect the 360 VR module to G5 to enjoy 360° contents with clear image quality. Experience immersive video, sports games and concerts as if you were there yourself.

How to Use
Connect the 360 VR module with your mobile phone using a USB cable.
When connecting for the first time, download the 360 VR manager and mandatory apps in LG Friends Manager.
The OK and Back buttons in the upper right corner of the 360 VR device can be used to select items or navigate between screens.
When you are wearing the 360 VR device, the mobile phone screen will be switched off, and the mobile phone can be used as a touch pad.


To save battery power, disconnect the 360 VR when not in use.

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