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I want to set my phone to silent mode.

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  • Last Updated 14/04/2016

You can conveniently set your phone to silent mode in Notifications or using the volume pop-up.

You can also enable silent mode in the Settings app.

How to enable silent mode

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notification panel.  Locate and tap the Sound icon to cycle through Sound, Vibrate, and Silent [Image 1].

From any screen press the Volume down key until you see Silent icon [Image 2].

Go to Settings> Sound & notification> Sound profile. Select the option from the menu.

Interruptions has been renamed Do Not Disturb. 
Using this mode, you can block notifications and sounds from all or certain apps for the desired period of time.
If you switch from Sound and vibrations to Priority only alarms will sound. If you select Total silence, alarms will also be blocked.

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