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How do I insert LG CAM Plus into my phone and vice versa?

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  • Last Updated 07/06/2016

You may insert and remove the battery and CAM Plus module in the following ways:

Inserting the battery

1.Align the battery and module to the spots marked below, and then insert in order.

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2. Slide the module gently into the device until it is fully attached.


Do not press the detach button when inserting the module into the phone.

The battery must be inside the module before inserting into the phone.

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Removing the battery

1. Press the detach button on your phone and make sure the module is slightly off the device.

2. Hold the middle of the module and detach it completely from the phone.

3. With one hand holding the battery and the other hand on the module, remove them in the directions shown below.


Make sure you are not moving when detaching the module.

Take care not to hurt your hand or fingers when sliding in or out the module.

Take cautions to prevent any damage to the product or module.

Take note that placing the battery or module incorrectly may cause power-on failure or damage to the product.

G5 is not compatible with third-party CAM Plus modules. Be sure to use a module from the same provider.

The device will not boot in case of empty battery. (CAM Plus' battery is not used for booting)

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