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[Nexus 5X] App Info

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  • Last Updated 26/10/2015

App Info



     In Lollipop. You can see that the actionable buttons for clearing data and cache are at the top level.
     The new App info settings screen gives a greater visibility on how the app is using the resources
     on your device. Uninstall update function has been moved to the overflow menu for the pre-installed
     GMS apps. If you have multiple users, you’ll see “Uninstall for all users” option for downloaded apps
     instead. The new items are data usage, permission control, open by default, battery and
     memory options.
     We’ll first see how the app is using the storage. You can see how much internal storage the app
     is using. The size of the app itself, app data, and cache. Note that clearing data and cache options
     have been moved into this menu.

     ※ NOTE : This might affect customer support articles and troubleshooting steps with your users,
                         as the location of the settings have changed.


               [Lollipop OS]


                                                     [Marshmallow OS]


     You can quickly see how the app is using either cellular or Wi-Fi data. Wi-Fi data is off by default.
     You’ll need to turn it on first from the action overflow menu in App data usage settings [image 1].

     With the new permission model, you’ll be able to grant or revoke a particular category of
     permissions on the app level. As you can see in the example here [image 2], not all permission
     categories have been granted, since the app has not yet needed to utilize those functions or services.

     In Notifications, you can change how the notification from this app will appear. [image 3]
     In Open by default, it’ll take you to the same menu as discussed before on App links.
     In Battery, it’ll show you how the app is using battery resources.
     In Memory, it’ll take you to the new Memory settings and show you how the app has been using
     the memory.


                            [image 1]




                            [image 3]


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