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[V10] How to enable Smart Notice?

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  • Last Updated 13/11/2015

How to enable Smart Notice?



     The LG V10 offers a personalized, intuitive, and adaptive experience. This feature interprets
     a range of contextual inputs and device usage patterns to provide relevant recommendations 
     that change with the user’s intent. Based on time of day, day of week, events, status of the 
     phone, or app usage, it offers helpful recommendations and essential reminders.

 How to use

     ■ How to add widget

     From the home screen, press and hold a blank area.  Tap Widgets at the bottom.  Scroll to
     Smart Notice, press and hold, then drag to a screen location of your choice and release.



     ■ Smart Notice settings

     Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the widget to open the settings menu.  From
     here you can select the cards and notifications.



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