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What is the film effects feature?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2016

This feature lets you take photos with an analog feel.

By applying film effects, you can easily recreate the black and white printing methods and film development techniques of professional photographers and fashion photographers.

How to apply film effects

1.Select normal or professional camera mode.

2.In camera settings, touch the 'Film' icon.

3.Select the desired film effect. When an effect is selected, it is shown on the preview screen.

Film types


This film effect reproduces the slide development technique. You can create sensual photos similar to fashion photography.


This film effect reproduces the negative film development technique. You can express a surreal atmosphere using this effect.


This film effect reproduces high-density filter effects. Disrupting the color balance, darker portions appear even darker.


This film effect reproduces the high key photography method. By increasing light exposure, you can give your photos a bright, beautiful feeling/


This film effect reproduces the selenium toning technique. You can express deeper brown tones than sepia phot


This film effect reproduces the platinum toning technique. You can express smooth but unique gradations.


This film effect reproduces Y2 filter photography, a favorite among professional photographers. You can take high-contrast black and white photos like those printed on RC photo paper.



This film effect gives your photos the effect of Y2 filter photography followed by printing on Fiber-Base photo paper. This produces smooth, low-contrast black and white photos.


This film effect reflects the zone system. Using this effect, you can express vivid yet rich black and white tones.

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