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My phone won't charge properly.

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  • Last Updated 07/06/2016

If you feel that your phone is charging improperly or slowly, please check the following:

Check if your phone is warm

If you have left your phone in your car, or you are in a warm place, the phone may automatically restrict the charging current in order to protect your battery.

Please place your phone in a cool environment where it can cool down, and then try charging again.

Check for high battery consumption

If you are running a large number of apps, or running games, videos or other intensive load tasks, your phone may take longer to charge.

To charge your phone faster, close the idle apps or turn the screen off.

Closing idle apps

After using an app, press the Back button and completely close the app.

On the standby screen, press the Recent Apps button and close all running apps.

Check your cable or charger

Check whether your charger is properly connected to the power outlet, and that your phone and charging cable are properly connected.

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Make sure you are using the genuine (in box) charger and cable

The genuine (in box) charger supports fast charging, which charges your device faster.  The in box cable is rated to properly charge your device.

If you are using chargers or cables from other suppliers or a different charger model, the charging speed may be slower.

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