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The app often dies after I install it.

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  • Last Updated 07/06/2016

The phone may be interrupted for a moment or displays an error message if apps downloaded from Google Play Store cause a system error or crash with the basic phone settings.


If the app is terminated with the message ‘Unexpected error’ or 'Process response error', delete the app or reset the phone to its initial settings.

To reset phone

• Update the app: Google PlayStore> Menu(upper-left corner)> My apps & games> Select the app causes the crash.

• Removal of app update: Select Settings> General> Select Apps> SD Card> Clear Data/Clear Cache and then restart the app.

• Initializing phone: Initialize the phone using Settings> General> Backup & Reset> Reset Phone.


Initializing a phone can delete the valuable personal information. Back up the personal information such as the address book and schedule before initialization.

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