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Fruits in the vegetable drawer freeze. What should I do?

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  • Last Updated 04/06/2015

Fruits in the vegetable drawer freeze. What should I do? (Side-by-side refrigerator)



symptom Symptom

           ■ Vegetables/fruits in the vegetable drawer freeze



cause Cause

■ If you keep certain produce such as tropical fruits in the crisper drawer, it might freeze.    



how to fix How to fix

When a refrigerator is equipped with a crisper drawer

1.    The drawer at the bottom of the fridge can be converted to [fruits/vegetables mode] or [meat/fish mode].

2.    Set it to [vegetables/fruits mode].

3.    When you set it to [meat/fish mode], you need to set the temperature lower than the temperature in the fridge.

Do not store tropical fruits or fruits that continue to ripen or soften when you are using [fruits/vegetables mode].

pic 1

< Crisper drawer >

pic 2

< Setting the temperature >

When a refrigerator is not equipped with a crisper drawer

The feature differs by model.

pic 3


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