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What should I do when Clean Filter appears on display?

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  • Last Updated 27/04/2015

What should I do when Clean Filter appears on display?



cause Cause


       - It is normal that Clean Filter blinks when power is turned on.


       - Clean Filter indicates that a lint filter needs to be cleaned.



how to fix How to fix


        1. When Power is pressed, Clean Filter will flash.


             clean filter light        


       2. For optimal performance, keep a lint filter clean at all times.


       3. Always clean the lint filter before use.


       4. Open a door to find the lint filter at the bottom.
           Take the filter out and check.
           Clean if necessary and put it back in.


            cleaning filter

       5. If you press Start/Pause to start drying, Clean Filter will disappear.


       6. For an electric dryer, Clean Filter may flash while running.
           Please clean the lint filter.


       7. Press Start/Pause to resume drying.

       8. If Clean Filter continues to flash after cleaning the lint filter, please check a condenser.

          Please refer to Cleaning a Condenser for procedures.







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